Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life's a Beach...For a Week

After we hit the NC Zoo, we spent a week at Myrtle Beach Travel Park. We absolutely LOVE this campground! It is very clean, family friendly, and my kids adore the recreation staff. Plus, my Great Aunt and Uncle always come down to their daughter's villa at the campground for the week so it is wonderful to spend time with them!

The biggest excitement of the week was that Trace learned to swim!!! And with temperatures near 100 every day, we spent LOTS of time at the pool! He could go as far as one breath would take him (about 10 feet) and can now come up once or twice for a breath and keep going! We also hit the Pirate Voyage dinner show one evening. The show was pretty good, the kids really liked it! Trace even got turned into a Pirate!

We were lucky enough to spend a day with Aaron, Laurin, and Mary Elizabeth Brooks! Mary E is absolutely adorable and the kids had a blast playing all day! It was so nice to chat with Laurin and Aaron as well! After a day of swimming, pool games and the beach, we had a great dinner at The Sea Captain's House. I cannot wait until we get to see the Brooks family again!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's a Zoo Out There (In NC, That Is)

We took our annual Davis Family Summer Vacation in August. It goes a little something like this...
1. The kids pile half of everything they own by the door.
2. I clean the camper.
3. The kids start moving their pile from the door to the camper.
4. I try to move their stuff back to the house without them noticing.
5. The dog goes to the groomers.
6. I put everyone's clothes in the camper, except John's. He is a grown man.
7. We start getting everyone loaded into the truck (including the dog, of course).
8. John asks if I packed his clothes. I reiterate #6.
9. I go pack John's clothes. (I tried not doing this once, but then he just bought new clothes and it wasn't fair.)
10. We get on the road.
11. Trace asks "How many more miles" at least once every 2 miles ALL THE WAY THERE (it's a little over 500 miles, BTW)

In 2009, we started a tradition of stopping in Ashboro, NC and staying for 2 nights. We get there pretty late on Thursday evening and get settled. On Friday, we hit the North Carolina Zoo. It is really an awesome zoo. This year we just did the Africa section (the have an Africa section and a North America section) because it started pouring the rain and the humidity was oppressive (think wearing poncho sweating...not cool). It was still a good time. After we left the zoo, we went back to the campground, and it actually cleared up, so the kids swam and jumped on the Jumping Pillow. The Jumping Pillow was AWESOME, heck, I even jumped on it a few times (then remembered that I'm old and promptly returned to my seat on the bench). Here are some pictures from our stop-over in Ashboro!
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