Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Treats for You!!

Halloween is so much fun with young children! They get so excited to dress up, and hello, there is candy by the bagful! The biggest decision - what to be???? Here is pretty much how the conversation went this year:

Me: Tay, want do you want to be for Halloween?

Taylor: Tinkerbell.

Me: Okay, sounds good. Hope its warm enough. Ok, Trace, what about you?

Trace: Tractor!

Me: T, I don't think you can be a tractor.

Trace: Tractor!!

Me: I know, buddy, but I don't think they make tractor costumes. What about Lightning McQueen, or SpiderMan, or a Bat, or a Pirate?

Trace: Tractor!!! Tractor!!! Tractor!!!

So, John and I made a tractor for Trace, and it actually turned out really cute!

Everything taken care of right? Wrong!

As we watch the weather and notice that the trick or treat forcast is um, cold, I decide that Tay cannot be Tinkerbell - so, we went shopping the day before Halloween for a costume. After scouring the left-overs, Tay picks SuperGirl - which was okay, because it is great for tights and underarmor - plus she turned out totally adorable!

Eaden made an adorable dragon - no, he was not Barney!!!! He was so funny, he just wanted to walk around, but the suit is kinda bulky so he was weaving and stumbling like he was drunk!

Enjoy the photos and check back in a day or so for an update with video, I haven't had time to get it edited yet!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I've been tagged too!

So, as the runner-up blog slacker (behind Sarah, of course) I am just getting around to answering the "tags" from Tonya and Catie! I will pre-warn that my life is totally boring and pretty much always has been - that's okay with me!

10 Years Ago I....

1. Was in my second year of engineering school at WVU - Let's Gooooo Mountaineers!!!

2. Drove a Nissan pickup truck

3. Spent my weekends riding horses

4. Spent my Thursday nights at "The Little Village" in Morgantown, WV - good times!

5. Was loving the college life!

5 Things on Today's To Do List...

1. Go get a present for Taylor's friend Jack's 5th birthday. (must be done first, with no kids in tow to avoid the "Can I have...", "Mama, I want..." madness)

2. Get the kids from school

3. Convince family that leftover pizza is a great dinner

4. Laundry

5. Give the kids' baths

5 Things I Would Do, IF I Were a Millionaire...

1. Pay off our debt and invest for the future

2. Buy 500 acres and build the house and horse barn that we would like to have

3. Buy a Friesian horse (okay, maybe two) - they are sooo beautiful!

4. Make my children work on the farm to earn their allowances - you wouldn't be seeing them on MTV's "Sweet Sixteen"

5. Probably still go to work, can't waste that college degree!

5 Places I Have Lived...

1. My parents house in Clarksburg, WV

2. The honors dorm - Dadisman Hall - for the first year of college

3. The townhouse my parents bought in Mo'town - for the remaining 4 years of college

4. John's house in Salem, WV

5. On the farm, would never live "in town" again!

Okay I forgot 5 Jobs I have had...

1. Babysitting

2. Lowes (definitely the most fun)

3. Customer Service Representative

4. Electrical/Computer/Biometric Systems Engineer

5. Mommy (definitely the most rewarding!!)

I know that Tiffany hasn't been tagged yet, and I will tag Sarah as well (I agree with Catie, if we just keep after her, she will be forced to update) - I think everyone else already had their turn.

Monday, October 20, 2008

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!!!

Trace is at such a fun age! He is getting more and more verbal by the day, its so cute listening to him talk! He got new PJs today - Thomas ones - yeah! I am not even sure Trace has ever seen an episode of Thomas, because Thomas kind of creeps me out, but he still loves Thomas anyway! I was making the bed this evening and he climbed up and started jumping around - I ran for the video camera, it was too cute not to catch and share! Watch out for my camera hog, Taylor, as she tries to steal the show (and comes down the hall demanding doritos)! Please excuse the bare windows, time to change from summer to winter bed coverings.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!!

Taylor turned 5 on October the 1st!!!

That's right, I said 5, *sniffle, sniffle*.

Our little girl is growing up.

Who am I kidding, according to her, she is grown up.

Goodbye Dora... hello High School Musical.
Goodbye cute little daisy earrings... hello pink dangly ones.
Goodbye princesses... hello pop stars.
Goodbye obnoxious Lori Berkner song... hello even more obnoxious Hannah Montana song.
Goodbye pigtails - that's right, she now refuses more than one ponytail!

Where has my little girl gone?

Oh, there she is, the pop star in training!

Taylor is so beautiful, and very, very smart, we are so proud of her. It has been so amazing watching her grow and learn and figure out the world so far, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl!

Here are some pictures of Taylor over the years - enjoy! I *tried* to put them in chronological order, but no promises :) Please excuse the missing baby pictures, I can't find the CD - grrr!

No, that is not me, it is some crazy girl who thought a perm sounded like a good idea!

Come on people, focus on Taylor!

Yes, that is a drool droplet on Taylor's 6 month old chin!

Whee! This chair is pretty cool!

How cute is she! Sooo cute!

Taylor at one year!

18 months old, intensely studying the water!

(or maybe peeing in it?)

The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa is so awesome!

Our little princess, riding the dolphin!

Does it get any cuter than this?

Gotta have the crying photo - this is one of my favorites!

Taylor the Turtle - at the Cincinnati Zoo, October 2005!

Taylor the Not-so-Fierce Dragon!

A ponytail for each year - yeehaw for 2!!!

Taylor loves her little brother, go ahead and say *Awwww*!

That's my little farm girl!

Taylor at 3 1/2, sincerely hugging Belle!

Christmas Photos 2007 - Taylor was 4!

Is that Tinkerbell? No, its Taylor!!!

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney is worth every penny!

I put sponge rollers in her hair last night, aren't her curls just gorgeous?

(I told you she was a pop star in training!!)

Are there any Shirley Temple look-a-like contests?

Oh, yeah, there are the pink dangly earrings, too!