Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Breakfast of Champions! And Other Random Stuff

Are you thinking we had Wheaties this morning? Nope, we didn't, not even close. We had ice cream. I bought some sugar cones at the store the other day and Tay has been asking for ice cream ever since, and it just hadn't happened. This morning she looked up at me with big eyes and said "Ice cream?", and I said "What the heck, you only live once." Taylor also applied her own makeup this morning, so she looks a little wierd... So, here are some shots of the kids eating breakfast this morning...(ignore the screwed up images, the kids messed up my camera settings and I just got it fixed this morning)

Now that it's completely clear that I'm not getting the Mom of the Year award, here is some other random stuff. Taylor had her Tball Trophy Ceremony at the Dairy Queen last week. She was very excited to get a trophy! Poor Trace had to look like a baby in Pooh overalls, those of you on Facebook will remember the day that the poor kid was out of clothes at daycare and I left with him wearing Bob the Builder underoos, sandals, and a belt with diggers embroidered on it...and well, the Pooh overalls was it at my mom's.

Finally, Taylor is apparently working on her artistic photography...I found the following shots (and a ton more) on my camera when I downloaded my photos today...I'm very impressed with her apple stacking skills myself...

All of you lucky families heading to NYC, have safe travels and a great time!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fishin' with Pappaw!

A couple weeks ago Taylor was kind of crying in her sleep. When she woke up the next morning, I asked her why she was crying and her answer was: "I had a dream". So, I naturally asked about the dream. "I was fishing with Pappaw." Confused, I asked why she was crying. "Pappaw has never taken me fishing before." was the answer. My dad was instantly heartbroken when we told him about it, and has been trying to get Taylor fishing ever since!

He was planning on taking her out on his john boat, but the private lake we were at has not maintained their boat ramp, and there was NO way we were carrying the boat down the hill to the water, so they fished from my parents' friend Barbie's dock. Taylor caught 3 bluegill. Because they were not going on the boat, Trace and I stayed, and my sister brought Eaden out too. I think the kids liked the worms better than fishing, and Trace and Eaden had a great time throwing sticks off the dock into the lake. We also took a spin in Barbie's paddleboat while we were there!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Taylor's First Date!

Taylor has had a boyfriend, Brandon, for quite a while now! Brandon is on Taylor's Tball team, and I went to school with his parents. He is such a cutie, and quite the gentleman. He brings Taylor flowers, gave her a ring (from the $.50 machines), and we have caught them holding hands a few times at practice and games - they are just adorable!

This past weekend, Taylor and Brandon had their first date! We all went to see Up in 3D. Brandi, Brandon's mom, called that morning to tell me that Brandon was soooo excited, and that he was helping his Daddy in the yard to earn money "to buy Taylor popcorn" - isn't he just the sweetest? Taylor had to wear a dress, and she had me fix her hair in braids. So cute! We all had a great time at the movie (even after Trace was "done" wearing the 3D glasses and decided that if he didn't run around a little he might fall asleep...unacceptable to him, of course). The little girl closest to the camera is Brandon's little sister Hailey, she is an adorable little girl, and quite mature for 3 1/2!

John didn't make it to the movie, but I was telling him about it afterwards. He has been giving Taylor a hard time about Brandon, and now has her convinced that he has purchased some "Anti-Hand Holding Cream", that he is going to apply to Taylor's hands to keep Brandon away. Last night, John told Tay that he had the lotion and that he was going to put it on while she was sleep (nice, could have been a disaster if she refused to sleep - but Daddy's don't think about those things...). So John and Trace were in bed, and I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Taylor was in there all worried about this lotion and was thinking of ways to keep him from putting it on her. This is what she came up with...

That's right...Taylor slept with gloves on. She has decided that until she either finds the lotion to get rid of it, or is old enough to date (John says that's at 40), she is sleeping with gloves on. She is so funny, and smart too! **Bad parent alert** The kids both still sleep with us (has to end soon, no room in the bed because a certain little boy insists on sleeping sideways), and were both still asleep this morning when John and I were up getting ready for work. I snapped those pictures, and told John to check out Tay's hands...he couldn't get over her dedication!

As long as Taylor sticks with Brandon, I think we are good - he's quite the gentleman, and has a great family!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OpEn WiDe!!!!

Taylor and Trace went to the dentist yesterday, and my wonderful mother volunteered to take them!  I was a little worried about Trace, he had never been to the dentist, and lets just say that brushing his teeth could be considered aerobic exercise for me!  Picture Trace in a headlock, squirming, kicking his feet, screaming, biting the toothbrush, all while I try to clean up those pearly whites!  Taylor went to the dentist for the first time last fall, and she LOVED it (weird, huh?)!  I sent the camera with my mom and wished her luck…

june_2009 023 june_2009 025
june_2009 032 june_2009 029

Yes, that’s right, both the children were angels!  Both of them got their teeth cleaned, fluoride treatments, and examined, and Taylor also got Xrays.  Dr. Momen said that their teeth looked great, no signs of cavities!  For being such great patients, each kid got a lizard, sticker, and toothbrush!  We’ll see you in December, Dr. Momen!