Friday, January 15, 2010

Life with a Big Sister, Part 1

Inspired by my friend Jacque, I have decided to implement a twist on her "Life with My Sister" series. We'll see how this works out.

In our house, be have both sides of the boy-girl spectrum, girly-girly Taylor and tractor-lovin' Trace. Taylor's world is full of rainbows and butterflies, with Princesses (and Pop Stars) in sparkly dresses, and the occasional unicorn running by. Trace lives for tractors, dirt, trucks, and trains. Taylor's room is purple and pink with dollhouses, jewelry, and snowglobes. Trace's is John Deere Green and John Deere Yellow, with tractors and trains and a plush deerskin rug (that Trace pretends to kill with his "shoot gun"). Occasionally, these worlds collide. As Taylor is "The Big Sister", this normally means that Trace joins in on a tea party, or hauls Taylor's Barbies around in his vehicles (as "Taylor's ployee" - Taylor's employee).

We had a collision of worlds tonight, which went to a new level. The kids were playing, John and I were watching SuperNanny - who, by the way, has super great common sense principles to control children, which, to date, we have been unable to even partially master. They come in the living room and I look up to see this:

Yep, Taylor has dressed Trace up like a ballerina and has him dancing (in a most liberal use of the word) around the living room, complete with a purple tutu, necklace, bracelet, ring, and lipstick. Poor kid doesn't have a chance. And, yes, I WILL be digging this blog post out on his first date.

Enjoy the prima ballerinas in action!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas was so much fun this year! The kids were both really into it and super excited as Christmas drew near! Here are a few highlights from the season! Some of the pictures aren't very clear and they are at a crappy resolution, I have a hard time keeping little fingers from changing the settings on the camera (and smearing the lens), then I don't figure it out until I am uploading them...grrrrr!

We made a Gingerbread House in early December (from a kit, of course), and it actually turned out pretty good...although I would LOVE to see the crew of designers and all the stuff they use to make the house pictured on the kit!

Taylor had her school Christmas Program, each grade level performed. It was so cute. Taylor got a little nervous and was trying to chicken out, Mrs. Jones said that couldn't happen because Tay was one of the few that knew all the words, so I bribed her...Trace looked extra handsome with his cap and sweater vest, although John had to take him to the car after Taylor's class got done, he was "seriously very thirsty" and just couldn't sit still. Taylor looked so beautiful and did a wonderful job singing! Unfortunately, the video didn't come out very well between the distance (I just had my digital camera) and the audio in the gym.

Trace had his Christmas Party at his school too! Santa came and brought each child a book, and the kids did a gift exchange as well. Trace loved Santa and was all about sitting on his lap and talking to the big guy!

This year, the kids wanted to get each other a gift...I took them individually and they both got the other a gumball machine...I think I got played! They opened their gifts to one another on Christmas Eve, then we spent a couple hours at John's Mom's house with his family, then a couple hours at my Great Aunt's house with my family. Christmas Eve was wonderful!

Here is Trace with his Papaw Bill, yep, ANOTHER tractor!

Santa must not have checked his list too closely, because Taylor and Trace both got tons of presents! Taylor really wanted an Easy Bake Oven and a skateboard, and Trace wanted a Handy Manny Fix It Workbench. The big guy came through and hooked them up with their Christmas wishes, and they got a ton of other loot! Trace got several Handy Manny Fix It sets to go with his workbench, as well as Trio blocks and GeoTrax stuff. Taylor got a Dora Links and a few accessories, DS games, Easy Bake Oven accessories, and a couple dolls. Together they got movies and games.

We had to rush the kids a little, and they didn't really get to play with their gifts, because we had to get to my mom's - she called and said Santa stopped by there too!

We had a wonderful Christmas, I hope you all did too!