Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Beach...Continued

Okay, so I have been a total blog slacker of late - I have some excuses, but they are all lame and I hate lame excuses - so I will just apologize and try to do better.

That being said, here are some more photos from the beach! We had such a great time - we can't wait to go back! We did MidEvil Times, The Family Kingdom Amusement Park, several evenings at Broadway at the Beach, and lots of ocean, "sandbox" as Trace calls the beach, and lazy river time!

We were very lucky to get to meet a wonderful family on Friday, the Brooks'! Laurin, Mary Elizabeth, Catherine, and some of their friends came over to our hotel on Friday to meet us and hang out for a while! Laurin had posted that they lived in SC and had family/friends in the Myrtle Beach Area on the POLP2 listserv that I am on - so I asked her if they would be interested in a playdate - and we had a great time. They are a very nice family and Mary Elizabeth is completely adorable! Hopefully we can stay in touch and meet up when possible. Enjoy!

Yes - my children insisted on the $7 per child pony rides - even though they have a small herd of horses at home! That is my Mom with Trace in the inner tube. Aren't Mary Elizabeth's red curls just the cutest?

All adults can express many thanks for leaving all swimsuit photos off of the internet - to be fair, Mom, really only your head is in the photo!

Don't dispair, I have at least another blog worth of vacation photos - I can't help it if my children are extra photogenic - plus its been pretty boring since we got home and I don't have anything else to post about :)