Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's a Zoo Out There (In NC, That Is)

We took our annual Davis Family Summer Vacation in August. It goes a little something like this...
1. The kids pile half of everything they own by the door.
2. I clean the camper.
3. The kids start moving their pile from the door to the camper.
4. I try to move their stuff back to the house without them noticing.
5. The dog goes to the groomers.
6. I put everyone's clothes in the camper, except John's. He is a grown man.
7. We start getting everyone loaded into the truck (including the dog, of course).
8. John asks if I packed his clothes. I reiterate #6.
9. I go pack John's clothes. (I tried not doing this once, but then he just bought new clothes and it wasn't fair.)
10. We get on the road.
11. Trace asks "How many more miles" at least once every 2 miles ALL THE WAY THERE (it's a little over 500 miles, BTW)

In 2009, we started a tradition of stopping in Ashboro, NC and staying for 2 nights. We get there pretty late on Thursday evening and get settled. On Friday, we hit the North Carolina Zoo. It is really an awesome zoo. This year we just did the Africa section (the have an Africa section and a North America section) because it started pouring the rain and the humidity was oppressive (think wearing poncho sweating...not cool). It was still a good time. After we left the zoo, we went back to the campground, and it actually cleared up, so the kids swam and jumped on the Jumping Pillow. The Jumping Pillow was AWESOME, heck, I even jumped on it a few times (then remembered that I'm old and promptly returned to my seat on the bench). Here are some pictures from our stop-over in Ashboro!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Rodeo Time - 4Wheeler Rodeo, That Is!

So, I haven't blogged since October. I got busy and lazy. But, I am sorry. I know how much blogs have helped me and Trace, and how, with our network of LP buddies, it really helps us to stay in touch, and I miss that. So, let's try this again.

Trace got a 4-wheeler the day after his casts came off from his bilateral tib-fib osteotomies (when he had his legs straightened) in the spring of 2010. Yes, a real, gasoline powered 4-wheeler. I was not excited about it...the kid just got out of double leg casts, and my husband, his father, goes and buys him something that is very likely to put him right back in them! Crazy mother rant over. We didn't let him ride it too often last year, figure 8's around cones in the back yard only - and only when John was home to handle it.

Fast forward a year, and Trace has really gotten to be very good on the bike. The kid has been driving battery powered vehicles since months before he could walk. He can drive really well. Taylor is a different story for a different day - I've got about 8 more years before it becomes a huge panic-inducing ordeal. Trace LOVES his 4-wheeler. John takes him on little rides through our field, and we let him make laps around the house. I even let him ride it when John's not home.

The Doddridge County Fair has a Youth ATV/Mini-bike Rodeo, and we let Trace participate this year. I went out and bought him new shoes and a new shirt (which I attempted to hem the sleeves - FAIL. It seems so simple, but apparently not so much) that color coordinate with his bike and helmet. They ran 3 courses, 2 times each, with one rider on the course at a time. Trace had a blast and ran perfect courses. He can't wait until next year to do it again! We are so proud of him! He won first place in his class (in the interest of full disclosure, he was the only kid in his class, but that's a trivial detail)!!

Enjoy the cuteness!