Friday, September 11, 2009

Next Thing We Know, We'll Be Shipping Her Off To College!

That's right, our baby girl started Kindergarten at the end of August! The last 5+ years have flown by, and Taylor has grown into such a "big girl"! She is already reading and loves to write!

Taylor was a little nervous to go to a new school where she didn't know anyone, but has adjusted really well. She has made some new friends and LOVES riding the school bus. I'm so proud of her!

Which picks her up at 7:05am - so I've made it my goal to get up at 5:30am so that we can all be ready and out the door for her to catch the bus, and Trace and I can get a early start on our day. We are actually doing pretty well - although it isn't rare to see all our lights out at like 9pm!

The first day of school, I got Taylor up and got her ready (she picked out her clothes and wanted "one ponytail with a braid") and we drove down to the bus stop (it's about .2 miles from the house). We were chatting with the neighbor when the bus pulled up and before I even knew what was happening Taylor was on the bus and gone! I was standing there, mouth gaping, in shock - she didn't even say goodbye! I did get a couple pictures before the bus arrived, and caught the back of her on her sprint up the stairs! Don't worry, after a little whining on my part, Taylor has slown down on her bus boarding enough to squeeze in a hug and kiss for Mom!

Davis Summer Vaca - '09 Edition

Wow, I'm really behind on this blog thing, but it's been a hectic few weeks around the Davis household.

First there was our Davis Family Road Trip to Myrtle Beach, which, by the way, was AWESOME! Then Taylor started cheerleading and "big" school! The rest I don't even want to discuss right now - summed up by flooded house and totalled car.

On the way down, we stopped and spent the day at the North Carolina Zoo. It is a great zoo, with wonderful natural habitats. It was also very clean and not smelly! It is a definite stop if you are in the area!

This was our first year vacationing in our motorhome at the Mytle Beach Travel Park. I was a little worried, because we are used to staying in condos with maid service and the like, but I will admit that it was really nice! We didn't have to wait for overcrowded, hot, wet, stinky elevators, which was wonderful, didn't have to troll the garage for a parking spot, or dump the dog off onto my parents. I didn't have to lug all the beach crap - I loaded it up onto the kid's bicycle trailer and we rode bikes to the beach (Trace drove his John Deere, of course).

The campground was really nice - each spot had a little pavilion over a picnic table, and the pool was huge, clean, and actually had lifeguards! There was also a lazy river, but becuase they actually enforced the rules (read: Taylor wasn't allowed to swim in it - you actually had to be butt down in a tube), we didn't use it. The playground was huge and there were tons of activites going all day - even having exhibitions from the Dixie Stampede Juggler and Midevil Times Knights! We will definitely be back!

Following in the footsteps of the Camenga family, we hit the Ripley's Aquarium and the Dixie Stampede. We figured what the heck, since the campground only cost us $62 a night and we ate at the camper a few nights, which saved us some cash. The kids LOVED playing in the waves and digging in the sand, and Taylor collected like a billion seashells.

The first few days two of my great aunts were there, which was really nice. We spend a ton of time with my Aunt Francie, but we don't get to see Aunt Penny and Uncle Bob very often (we'll have to work on that)! Trace loved riding on the golf cart with Uncle Bob - only annual lease sites are allowed to have golf carts at the Travel Park, and my cousin happens to have a villa there that my aunts were staying at. My Aunt Francie has ALWAYS wanted to take the kids to play in the fountain at Broadway at the Beach, so on Monday night we took the kids and their swimsuits and they had a blast!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and sorry about the long post! Check back in a couple days for Taylor's first day of school and first cheerleading for the flag football team!