Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Wow, we have been so busy the last month that I don't know where the time went! The kids went to two different Vacation Bible Schools, where they made some new friends, learned some new songs, and had a great time! My good friend Myra got married, her and Brian's wedding was beautiful, and it was great to see some of my best friends from college! Taylor and Trace provided great entertainment at the reception.

The kids also moved up at daycare! Taylor is now in Pre-K and Trace is in the 2 year old preschool! They both had 'Movin' on up' parties where they "graduated" from their old rooms. Both of them love their new rooms, teachers, and friends. Taylor is continuing her riding lessons, and getting much more confident in the saddle. Trace never stops moving, climbing, running, jumping and is definitely exerting his 2 year old independence. His vocabulary has exploded and he sings all the time - his current favorites are "Herman the Worm", "Jesus Loves Me", and the "Bob the Builder" theme song. We have officially said goodbye to the nighttime bottle, although we aren't making any progress with potty training, oh well.

A few weeks ago, Trace wasn't feeling well, so I was working from home. The kids wanted to go outside, so I was sitting in the driveway working on my laptop and the kids were playing with shovels. Trace came over to me and I have never seen so much dirt - Taylor claims that Trace did it himself, but my guess is that she shoveled the dirt right onto his head. Here are the after photos:

Oh yes, I can't forget the new addition to the Davis Family, "the kids" new puppy, Rose. I have "the kids" in quotes because that is how John refers to her, although I believe that the it is more his puppy. Rose is a Treeing Walker Coonhound (definitely would not be my pick for the kids, but John got the dog so that "he and Trace" could go coon hunting - this is why I refer to her as John's dog - I don't see Trace trapsing through the woods in the dark anytime soon). Rose is a cute puppy, but she is growing fast and starting that hounddog bark. She puts up with alot from Trace - he'll be petting her one minute and pulling her ears or tail or trying to sit on her the next.

I finally broke down and got a video camera, so the video below is some clips of the kids from the last month - riding lessons, Myra's wedding reception (the other little boy in the video is my friend Cindy's son Mason), daycare, playing. I am pre-warning you about the loud noise at the beginning of the video - Trace was dragging a chair across the observation room at Taylor's riding lesson and it is loud. Enjoy!