Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!!!!

We have had a decent amount of snow lately, but it has been waaaaay to cold to take the kids outside. Yesterday, we woke up to about 4", and it was around 30!

In the afternoon, we all got bundled up and headed out to play. Poor Trace doesn't have any snow bibs yet, so I made him wear the zip up pajamas with a sweatshirt and lined track pants over it - plus his "farmer jacket" - it's amazing he could walk! He did a great job keeping his gloves and hat on, too! For some reason, Taylor has decided that her snow jacket, which is Pink with some Green/Pink Camoflage on it, is "ugly" and she refused to wear it. Can you say Diva?

The kids had a great time sledding down a little hill in our yard, and John made them a snowman! We had a little freezing rain, so the snowman wasn't very cooperative, but he was good enough! Trace kept decapitating the poor snowman, so the snowman was forced to take out a protective order to keep him away.

Sledding down the hill! Whee!

Taylor and the Snowman!

Trace making his Snow Angel!

Taylor making her Snow Angel!

Of course, Trace HAD to have a tractor ride!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Davis' go to Disney - Part 2!!

Wow, I know I am really behind, but I had serious technical difficulties that took me a couple weeks to fix. The memory card with the photos on it got corrupted, and it was not fun salvaging the pictures. After trying everything I could think of and downloading several photo recovery software suites, I finally found one that worked!

Becuase of the severe picture overload, I decided to do several slideshows. I hope they don't take too long to load, I promise it's worth the wait!

Slideshow #1: Toy Story Mania!!!!

Disney World put a new ride in at Hollywood Studios, and it is all about Toy Story! It is a great interactive ride where you "shoot" at targets, much like carnival games! Across the "street" from the ride, you can meet Woody and Buzz! Trace was very excited to meet them, and Disney put some great picture opportunities throughout the waiting line area. Enjoy, I know we did!

Slideshow #2: The Power Rangers!!!

I don't know what it is about the Power Rangers, but my kids LOVE them! While we were waiting to meet them, the kids got their faces painted! Taylor got a Snow Princess, and Trace got the Red Power Ranger! I couldn't believe that he actually sat still and didn't touch his face all day! This was one of their favorite highlights of the week!

Slideshow #3: Princesses!!

We ate dinner with the Princesses in Norway at Epcot! This is one of the best character meals around, and BOTH the kids loved it! Trace, aka Prince Charming, was playing it up for the girls! Taylor, being a princess herself, was happy to meet some other royalty!

Slideshow #4: Random Disney Pics!

Here are some more pictures from Disney, the second one of Taylor is my absolute favorite candid picture ever! Note that when Trace met Lightning McQueen, he INSISTED on wearing a Lightning McQueen shirt, and his Lightning McQeen crocs! What a great trip!

I still haven't even started editing the video, but I'll get to work - since Taylor and I went by ourselves to Pixie Hollow, I only have video of it!