Thursday, April 30, 2009

Batter Up!

So little Miss Pop-Star-in-Training Taylor is playing Tball this year! It is so cute to watch the kids, and they are doing suprisingly well. There have been no head-on collisions or pile ups going after a ball, no injuries of any kind, and they actually get lots of the batters out!

My friend, Brandi, is the head coach of the team, and her son, Brandon, is Taylor's boyfriend. They are quite the couple - even holding hands while walking out for the Opening Day festivities! Brandi and the other coaches are doing great teaching the kids the fundamentals.

Taylor is totally not shy about asking questions, and you never know what's gonna come out of her mouth. At the first practice, Coach Flav was talking to the kids and said "That's my pet peeve with..." Taylor's hand immediately shot up and she says "Um, Coach, what's a peeve?" I could just read her mind - "I don't have a pet peeve....what kind of animal is that...I gotta get one" It was priceless - as was the look on Coach Flav's face - he then realized that he was coaching TBall, not Little League!

At the same practice, Brandon's Aunt Jessica was watching with her dog, and Tay went up and was petting the dog. Jessica asked Taylor what her name was and the reply she got was "My name is Taylor Davis and I am Brandon's girlfriend." When Jessica replied that she was Brandon's Aunt, Taylor turned bright red, totally embarrassed. I don't know what we are going to do with the child!

Here's my All Star in action!

Can it be?

Yes, Trace is THREE!

Wow, where have the last 3 years gone? I know at least a cumulative month of it has been spent in doctors' waiting rooms, but other than that, it has been great!

Trace's 3 year stats are - height 32 1/2 inches (~1SD above the mean on the Achon chart), weight 27 lbs, and head circumference 22 inches (both right at 50% on the Achon charts). The pediatrician is very happy with Trace's development, and agrees that he is one smart cookie!

Trace really, really wanted a "John Deere Awnmower" for his birthday, but then couldn't decide between the "awnmower" and the John Deere Gator. So, his daddy took him to WalMart and let him pick his presents - he came home with the "awnmower" AND a new bicycle! We have done a little work on the bike and it fits Trace fairly well, the last think we need to do is work on the pedals - I am thinking that he needs the "toe cage" thingys to help him keep his feet on the pedals and keep the pedals from turning - he can get on and off by himself (we removed the spring from the suspension to lower the seat). This is the best fitting bike for Trace that we have found so far - I'll let you know how it works out when we get the pedals figured out - plus it is really cool and "big boy" looking, so he should be able to use it for years!

We had a small party for Trace and my nephew, Eaden, who will be 2 on May 12. Of course, the theme was "John Deere Tractors". The boys enjoyed their party, and both got some cool gifts! Trace's favorite gift, by far, (besides the "awnmower", of course) is the CAT Take-Apart Wheel Loader, both he and Taylor love playing with it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

My parents neighborhood has a great Easter Egg Hunt on the Saturday before Easter every year. Taylor was VERY into hunting eggs this year, while Trace was really into going over to Pappaw's house to ride Eaden's new four-wheeler powerwheels. He did, however, go after a few eggs, after he realized there was candy inside! Taylor kept hunting after most of the kids gave up, and ended up finding about 6 more eggs from the ages 6 and under hunt, and then another 6 or so from the ages 7 and up hunt! She ended up with 27 eggs total! Tractor-maniac Trace had to be decked out in tractor wear - check his awesome tractor shirt that his buddy Parker gave him, his tractor zip-up hoodie, his John Deere ball cap, and John Deere boots!

Check out Trace's game face - watch out eggs, here comes Trace! Taylor is scanning the area for the obvious eggs, she is such a smarty-pants!

"Seriously Mom, there is candy in my eggs. Hurry up with this silly picture so I can get it out and into my tummy!"

Taylor and Pappaw, counting her eggs!

Last weekend the weather was just beautiful, and just in time for the first trail ride of the season! I took Friday off, took Trace to daycare, and one of my best friends, Jennifer, came down for the afternoon with her neice and nephew. Jenn and I groomed horses for hours (thanks so much for helping Jenn!) and Taylor had a blast playing with John and Katie! The kids would come over and brush on Booger (the miniature horse) for a while in between play breaks.

Saturday was the trail ride, and another of my best friends, Myra, came along. We were both in the WVU Equestrian Club in college, and share a major love for the horsies! It was a great ride, a beautiful day, and a great time spent with Myra! Here is a pic of Myra on Muchkin, with Stormy in the background.

I should have another blog up after this weekend, my little man is turning 3 tomorrow, so the Trace and Eaden birthday party is this weekend!