Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taylor and Trace and Eaden, Oh My!

On Fathers Day we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Its not the best zoo we've been to, but its only a couple of hours away, and it makes a good day trip. Aunt Dani and Eaden (or "E-E" as Trace calls him) came along too! I had hoped that with the 80+ degree temperatures and the fact that it was Father's Day, the zoo wouldn't be very crowded - boy was I wrong! It was packed - so we didn't get a lot of pictures, but we had a good time! We were kinda worried about putting Eaden on the trucks, but he loved them and Taylor didn't let him fall out (or choke him, luckily). Of course, Trace, Mr. Obsessed With Anything With Wheels, had a great time "driving".

I was excited to go to try out my new Sherpani Rumba Superlight backpack child carrier! I had been looking around for a while for something to replace my Baby Bjorn Air Carrier that Trace outgrew earlier this year (he really outgrew it sooner, but it worked well enough for our February Disney trip), and decided on the Sherpani. By the time the day was over, all three kids had ridden in it, and John, who has made endless fun of me for buying this thing, even put it on to carry Trace! Eaden really liked riding in the backpack, although Danielle doesn't look quite so thrilled to be wearing it in the hot, humid temperatures!

The "Water's Edge" exhibit opened last year, and it is great - they currently have polar bears and sea otters, but are expanding. They have both above ground and underwater viewing! So, while we didn't take a lot of pictures of the animals, my sister got a great shot of one of the polar bears diving in!

Trace had his first cheeseburger on the way home, and he loved it! I am a red meat (or fish) person, and Taylor has for quite a while now refused to eat any meat outside of chicken and shrimp, so I am really happy that at least one of my children is okay with a little variety! (Don't tell Taylor, but the "special chicken" that she gets for dinner sometimes is really pork, steak, or mahi mahi - although she's getting older and harder to convince)!

Finally, here are a couple of shots of the kids being silly - Trace has such a sense of humor and good imagination! We were waiting on John, so I had the kids out of their seats, and Trace took his armrest cover off of the carseat and put it on his arm - he then said "Monster" and started roaring at Taylor - so they were both doing it after that! Taylor is such a fashion diva, check out the "Barbie Truckers Cap" that she just had to have!

I've actually been busy of late working on the kids' "school-year" scrapbooks (yes, the real non-electronic kind), so look for an upcoming post showing off their artwork over the last year - and my very simple and quick scrapbook skills!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Odds and Ends

I haven't posted in a while, so here are some pics of the kids to get you through!

Trace loves his "awnmwr" - just not walking barefoot on the gravel!

Taylor, aka Little Miss Photogenic, strikes a pose - and rides her Disney Princess scooter!

Arriving at daycare - Taylor looking beautiful and Trace looking ornery - unfortunately for us, he is actually more ornery than he looks!

Evidence of Trace being ornery - and his determination and total lack of fear. His daredevil antics keep my heart racing! Can you believe we haven't had an emergency room visit ... yet?

John was washing his motorcycle, so the kids had to "wash" their stuff to! Yes - this did turn into a hose-spraying battle, if you were wondering.

We are going to the zoo tomorrow, so look for a new post after that!