Saturday, February 28, 2009

This and That...

So not much exciting around here lately, but I do have a few cute pictures of the kiddos, so here goes.

Taylor conned her dad into letting her get a Disney Princess Easel thingy last week when we were at WalMart. It had markers, stickers, crayons, plastic scissors, and watercolors. *Note the "had"*. Taylor somehow looked innocent enough for me to give her a tiny cup of water so that she could watercolor. John and I were in the kitchen working on dinner, and the kids were in the living room playing quietly. That should have been my first clue - they were being quiet. So, after a few minutes Trace comes into the kitchen...

That's right, Miss Taylor painted his face. It appears that watercolors look like great face paints. Don't worry, it washed off, and, yes, of course she painted her own face too...

On Tuesday night, the local Chic-Fil-A (extra yummy) had Disney kids night - kids got free 4 piece kids meals if they had on a Disney shirt - so Taylor wore her Hannah Montana gear and I threw a Cars tee on Trace - and the three of us ate dinner for $5. Yay! They are going to do kids night every Tuesday, with free kids meals with adult meal purchases and games/coloring/stickers (so you know where we will eating dinner on Tuesday nights)! I couldn't get over how cute Trace looked in the Chic-Fil-A hat! And check out the Taylor poses, she is really just too much!

That's all for now!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Trace Hearts Tractors!!!!

It is definitely no secret that Mr. Trace is ALL BOY. He loves trucks, cars, motorcycles, fourwheelers, working on things, tools, dirt, animals, outside, but most especially tractors. Farm tractors, construction tractors, all tractors. He could name different types of tractors by the time he was two - diggers, backhoes, graters, rollers, dozers. He doesn't pass up a ride on his Daddy's tractor, and always wants to talk to his "Pappy Ed" on the phone to ask "Where's your tractor at?" Trace has a neverending supply of toy tractors. He sings the chorus from Joe Diffie's "John Deere Green". He demands to look at tractor videos on YouTube. We all remember the tractor halloween costume. Trace is just completely OBSESSED.

John has a great friend, who's name is John Miller. We always refer to him in conversation as "John Miller", as he has the same name as my husband, and 15% of all males. Likewise, Trace refers to him as "John Miller". "John Miller" is a heavy equipment operator. We pass his house every time we leave ours. For the last week, the company that he works for has had 2 backhoes and 4 dozers parked at his house. Trace has been BEGGING to go see "John Miller", and has even been playing with his toy tractors, calling one of them "John Miller". So, today, we took him over to visit. I'm surprised we got him to leave, he was in tractor heaven! I'm pretty sure that "John Miller" had just as much fun as Trace! Thank you so much for the great visit, John Miller!!!!

Hope you liked some of my attempts at creativity, Photobucket has some cool tools!

And now, here is a Trace on the Backhoe video!