Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School!!

Taylor started back to school last Thursday! She was super excited to get to First Grade and see all of her friends! I was super excited to get one of the kids out of the car for my commute - they pretty much fight constantly, and it really wears you down!

Taylor picked out her outfit the night before, and insisted on wearing not only the coordinating necklace, but a scarf as well. The girl LOVES to accessorize! She was also super excited to wear her Sketchers Twinkle Toes Groovy Baby shoes - every little girls dream! They are pretty much every annoying thing they could do to shoes rolled up into one pair - glitter, rhinestones, lights, embroidered peace get the point!

We are super lucky in our schools as we do not have to provide any school supplies, just a backpack. Taylor picked a Barbie bride backpack, and in all it's pink and girly glory, it's actually pretty cute. The dress even has a piece of fabric that is loose (which requires the backpack to be hung on a hook by the door out of the reach of the ornery kittens).

Taylor loves riding the bus, and was ready to hop on when it arrived! I reminded her that I would like at least one picture this year, so she didn't sprint up the stairs and disappear like last year! We found out that Taylor's regular bus driver, George, had experienced a heart attack during the week was having bypass surgery instead of taking the kids to their first day of school. Taylor is so sweet, she has been praying for George each night!

Taylor had a great first day of school, although she was pretty tired when she got home! She announced that she didn't have any homework, I think she was a little disappointed, lol!

Stay tuned later this week, Trace starts school on Wednesday. If anyone wants to hang out with me while I cry all day, let me know!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Mr. Doddridge County

Mr. Trace decided he wanted to be in the Little Mr. Doddridge County Pageant at the county fair. I grab the form, and begin filling it out. There are a few questions...

1. List 3 of your childs favorite activities

Trace answers, "riding my 4-wheeler, playing with my tractors, and hanging out with daddy". Pretty simple and predictable, question 1 down.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Trace answers, "A struction worker." Why? "They get to use bulldozers and diggers and dumptrucks all day". Again, fairly predictable, question 2 down.

3. What is the most important lesson you have learned so far?

What? This pageant is for 4-6 year olds!!! It was obvious many of the mothers coached their children on what to say and answered the questions for them, in order to make them "cuter". Not me, that's not my style.

Trace puts his finger to his face and looks at the ceiling for a moment..."Stay away from snakes" he says, shaking his head to agree with himself.

That my friends, is a very important lesson for a 4 year old farm boy. I giggled and wrote it down. Trace is always outside playing (normally in his underwear, barefoot) and we are all constantly telling him if he sees a snake to stay away from it. At least I know he is listening to something we say!

4. Name a song or nursery rhyme your child might perform for us.

Trace's answer: "John Deere Green". Me: "Buddy, I'm thinking Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light". Trace: "Maybe Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee". So I wrote those two down.

Off the application went and Trace was entered into the pageant. Over the next couple weeks, I encourage Trace to practice his songs, he refuses. John encourages Trace to sing "Pants on the Ground"...Trace walks around all day singing "Pants on the Ground". I forbid him to sing "Pants on the Ground" at the pageant. He grins the evil grin.

Pageant practice #1, John takes Trace (I was enjoying a day at the spa). Trace makes John walk with him and stand by his chair. He refuses to sing.

Pageant practice #2, I take Trace. Trace goes on stage by himself and does everything they ask...except sing. "I'll do it tomorrow (in the pageant)".

And it's the big night. I take off work early, get the kids, give them baths, and get them all ready. Taylor's not in the pageant, but she's got a reputation to uphold, and can't go to the county fair without looking like a little super model, you know. Back stage, Trace is clinging to me and making me hold him. I finally hand him off to another mother and walk out thinking it's the best bet to get him to actually do this.

Back stage waiting (and waiting, and waiting)...

The pageant starts, and he comes out on stage! He does the parade around the stage and takes his seat. He stands when they introduce him and smiles.

All is going well. He has major cuteness on his side. Then they call him up for the interview...

He gets up and walks to the front of the stage.

How are you Trace? He says "Good."

What do you like to do for fun? "Play with my dada," he whispers.

Do you have a song you want to share with us?....He looks at me, takes a breath...and says..."No." Grins huge and turns and runs back to his seat. Little booger.

This video isn't very good, especially since I used my digital camera instead of the camcorder, and turned the camera up for the interview portion (then had to rotate the video to get it right-side up), but here you go.

Needless to say, he didn't win, but we are very proud of him! He had fun, and got a little confidence boost! Taylor didn't want to do the fair pageant, but was a little disappointed in herself for not participating. They are both asking to do the Apple Butter Festival Pageant, and they both say they'll sing...we'll see!

We did let them have a little fun at the fair after the pageant!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010