Saturday, October 16, 2010

Applebutter Festival Pageant

Salem has an annual Apple Butter Festival during early October. There are pageants and entertainment, a parade, craft and food vendors, groups making and selling apple butter, and some games. After sitting out the Doddridge County Fair Pageant, Taylor decided she wanted to do the Apple Butter Festival Pageant.

The color red had to be included on either the dress or an accessory, so my very creative and crafty friend, Kelly (check out Llama's Bowtique on Facebook for beautiful hair accessories and ribbon sculptures), made Taylor some bling for her dress and hair! Taylor looked beautiful! There were 24 children in the pageant, ranging from 3-7 years old.

This pageant also required a talent. Taylor and I worked really hard thinking of the perfect song. After much deliberation, and creative word replacement, we had found it: The Apple Butter Slide! We started with Tracy Byrd's Watermelon Crawl and replaced words as appropriate to make it about Apple Butter and Salem!

All the children looked great and did a wonderful job! Taylor got scared when it was her turn to sing, and I had to get her off the stage to sit with me. After the rest of the children finished, Taylor decided she was brave enough to give it a go - and she did great! I am so proud of her! The pageant director disqualified Tay because she didn't sing at the right time, but she had a blast and was SO proud of herself for singing her song!

Here are some pictures, and a video that my sister took, the video isn't great quality, but you can hear Tay's song (for some reason my sister got mesmerized by the judge in front of her bobbing her head with the song, lol)! A certain individual that will not be receiving a Mother-Of-The-Year award remembered the video camera, even charged it...when I turned it on to record Tay, I realized there was no memory card in it!



Because I haven't seen any expose on this, I thought I'd share a little known fact that I learned this past week - because of Health Department rules, the Apple Butter is not made with whole apples, they have to start with store bought applesauce! Gasp!