Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor!

I know Miss Taylor just got a post all to herself, but as we think she's pretty awesome, I'm giving her another!

Tay just graduated from Kindergarten on June 7 and starts 1st Grade in August! She is so super smart, and a very, very good reader! Not to brag, but her teacher told us that Taylor is reading at a 4th Grade level, and not only can she read the words, but she has great comprehension as well. Taylor's teacher, Mrs. Jones, and aide, Mrs. Davis, were wonderful! Before Kindergarten graduation, I took Mrs. Jones a stack of construction paper and asked her to draw each child's handprints and return them to me. Taylor and I spent a couple hours that evening making both the teacher and the aide vases of flowers - lilies made from the handprints of the kids in the class! They turned out super cute, and will make nice center pieces for their tables all summer long!

Taylor played t-ball again this year, and it was a great season! Coaches Brandi, Matt, and Chrissy did a great job with the kids! Tay had fun, but she is giong to have to learn not to hug her friends when they get on base or she gets them out! Next year, Trace will play t-ball and Taylor will move up to C-ball (they use a pitching machine)!

Taylor also started back to riding lessons! She is taking lessons at Ivy Stone Arabians, and Paula is wonderful with her. Taylor is doing lots of direction changes and starting and stopping, as well as starting to learn how to post and two-point! If she continues to do well, we are going to take her horse, Oreo, over to the barn so she can take her lessons on him!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Miss Miracle

On May 22, Taylor participated in the Little Miss Miracle Pageant. It was a fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network, organized by Gabrielle Ash, who is running for Miss WV. We go to church with Gabe, and she is a beautiful, wonderful girl! Hopefully you will all see her in the Miss America Pageant!

Taylor LOVED the pageant, and for her first appearance, did great! She is so beautiful and adores dressing up and having her hair done! I took Taylor to the Spa Piccola, a full service spa for little girls, for a manicure and pedicure, which she loved. I was completely unprepared for the whole pageant thing - I figured being a pageant in Doddridge County, that only girls from Taylor's school and maybe the surrounding area would show up, boy was I wrong! There were plenty of girls there from the "pageant circuit", as I discovered in the dressing room listening to moms barking orders like "Let me see your side step, now turn" and practicing interview questions....I looked at Taylor, shrugged, and said "Smile, have fun, and don't fall down." Taylor didn't win, but she had fun and we are so proud of her!